I am unable to register an account I am unable to register an account

I am unable to proceed and register an account (the ‘Next’ button is greyed out).

  • Make sure you have filled in all the required fields correctly including email address, name/nickname, Height, Weight, Year of Birth and Gender.
  • Check that you have entered your email address correctly. If you select your email from predictive text, it can insert a space at the end of the address. Make sure that space is deleted and check for any other spaces or mistyped characters. Sometimes it’s best to delete and re-enter the whole address manually.


I have not received my registration email with the link to confirm my account.

  • Your confirmation email should appear quite quickly (typically within 20-30s) but it can take longer depending on email servers, so you may need to allow a number of minutes before you receive it. If it’s taking a while, try refreshing your inbox and check that you have a good Wi-Fi/internet connection.
  • Make sure you can access the email address used form your phone via your email App, or that you can access your emails through your phone’s internet browser.
  • If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox after a few minutes, check your spam or junk folders.
  • Some corporate and private business email addresses have extra security functions and can filter out emails from unknown sources, which may result in the registration confirmation email from Revitive being blocked. This can sometimes be resolved by adding @app.revitive.com to the safelist of your email server Safe Senders in Outlook.com (microsoft.com).
    If you or your company are unable to resolve this, we would recommend that you use a personal email address such as Gmail, outlook, or one from your phone/broadband provider for example.
  • If you do not open your confirmation email and click the embedded link within 10 minutes, it will expire, and you will need to repeat the create account/login process.


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