What is rocking time? What is rocking time?

The Rocking motion primary aim is to help you get to an intensity level that is suitable for you. Once the foot and calf muscles start to contract the Circulation Booster will start to rock based on those contractions thus indicating that you  are at a good intensity level.

It can take some time getting used to and some feel the sensation more than others, so everyone will have their own levels of intensity that will suit for rocking.  

You might not be able to rock because you don’t feel comfortable with a higher intensity, but you should not worry as you are still receiving benefits form a lower level stimulation.

Some users may not feel much sensation at all (likely they may have DPN or lack sensation in the foot), but again they will still be getting benefits from continued frequent use and in time will start to feel some sensations.

On the Coach App we will show rocking at an intensity over 70 even though the device may not actually be rocking. This just helps with those that need constant intensity higher than 70.

The target on Coach is to try and achieve rocking motion for the full session (30 or 60 min). But there are some waveforms that are less intense than others and you may find that you stop rocking with those waveforms and may need to adjust the intensity to get the rocking motion again.

There is an audible sound that plays on the phone when rocking stops during a session. If you don’t complete rocking for the full session time, the dashboard/home screen will indicate that there is still time remaining to achieve full rocking minutes. You can either continue and do some more time to achieve this, but the main thing is that you have completed your session time. 

It is not a major issue if you don’t rock 100% all the time.

(BTW we do give 10% leeway in rocking minutes for the session).


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