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Using the SoftTouch foot-pads


The foot-pads deliver EMS to your feet and legs only. The only program available in manual mode is the Medic Program.

Sit with both bare feet on the foot-pads

a Get into a comfortable seated position.
For best results sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle (right angle).
Place Revitive on the floor in front of you.
Revitive is designed to be used while seated. Never stand on Revitive.
Remove all footwear, including socks/stockings and then place both feet on the foot-pads.

b Press the power button on Revitive to turn it on.

c You will hear a beep and the display lights will light up. The time will read 30 minutes and the Intensity will read 00.
Press the Intensity Control button on the control panel to start stimulation. The Time Display will start to count down in minutes as Revitive cycles through its program.
Press the plus to increase the level.
Press the minus button to decrease the level.
It is normal to feel tingling or varying sensations in your feet and calf muscles.
Revitive does not vibrate.

d Ensure you familiarise yourself with the feeling of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Use on a low intensity, for 30 minutes once per day or two 30-minute sessions a day, for a few days.
Set the intensity at a level where you can feel the stimulation in your feet which creates a calf contraction causing Revitive to rock back and forth on its IsoRocker.
After a few days of familiarisation, use a higher intensity that provides you with strong but comfortable calf muscle contractions.
Most people experience a strong contraction at intensity level 40 or over. You can set the intensity between 1 and 99.
Please note that the intensity required may vary from day to day.

e The foot-pad program will run for 30 minutes. You cannot change this time. To pause stimulation remove both feet from the foot-pads, when ready to resume stimulation place both feet back onto the foot-pads and press the intensity control button.
Note that if paused for 10 minutes, the stimulation session ends and Revitive powers
off. You will hear three beeps when your Revitive switches off.
To stop stimulation turn Revitive off by pressing the power button on Revitive.


If you feel pain or discomfort:
Remove both feet from the foot-pads to stop the stimulation.
Lower the intensity of the foot-pads using the intensity control on the control panel before replacing your feet on Revitive.

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