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Using the Dual Mode Body Pads


Full Body Pain Management is achieved with the use of Electrode Body Pads, by selecting
from two proven therapies EMS and TENS.


The Body Pads cannot be used at the same time as the foot-pads.

Using the Body Pads will automatically turn the foot-pads off.

Do NOT use the Body Pads on your head, face, neck or chest.

Electrode Body Pads are for single person use only. Do not share Body Pads with others.

a Select the area you wish to apply electrical stimulation to.


If using TENS for pain relief, position the Body Pads on either side of the area causing you pain.

b Clean and dry the area where you will place the electrode pads.
Attach the ends of the electrode pad to the electrode cord.
Press the connectors firmly together .

c Make sure Revitive is switched off. Plug the other end of the electrode cord into the electrode pad port on the side of Revitive.
Plugging in the electrode cord will automatically turn the foot-pads off.

d Remove the plastic liner from the electrode pads. Put the liner to one side as you will re-use it after the session has ended.

e Press the electrode pads on your chosen area, gently pressing the adhesive side against the skin.

f The Body Pad programs can be automatically selected as part of your suggested Therapy Plan or manually, by tapping the Program name at the top of the Controller screen when no stimulation is running.
Auto-pause will occur if a pad is disconnected from the body or a cable is disconnected. Reconnecting and tapping play will re-start the stimulation.


Removing the electrode pads
a Check Revitive is switched off after the session, then gently peel the electrode pads from the skin. Do not pull the electrode pads off the skin using the electrode cords as this may damage the cords.

b Replace the electrode pads onto their plastic liner after use.

c Unplug the electrode cord from Revitive


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