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Run your Therapy Plan


Your 10-week suggested Therapy Plan is designed by Revitive to be the most effective at relieving the key symptom you provided in step 6 of ‘Getting Started’.

Follow the instructions in this section every time you want to run a stimulation session
according to your suggested Therapy Plan.

a Tap Controller on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the Controller screen.

The name of the scheduled program in your suggested Therapy Plan is displayed at the top of the screen.

If required, apply the necessary electrode pads by following the instructions.

The duration of the scheduled program is set automatically. You can adjust the time at any point during a therapy session by tapping the ‘remaining time’ indication to display the timer buttons minus and plus.

b Tap to start the program, responding to any on-screen questions.

c If you have not previously opted to run your stimulation sessions in Auto Ramp-up mode, you will need to increase the intensity level by tapping the button. The intensity needs to be increased until Revitive is at a sufficient intensity to provide the therapy and you are not feeling any discomfort.

A sufficient intensity level to provide the therapy is indicated by your Revitive rocking and the intensity level arc turning from orange to green.


Auto Ramp-up to preferred intensity level

At the end of the session you are asked if you wish to save the intensity level on which you ended the session as your ‘Preferred’ intensity level, and whether you wish this decision to be remembered every time you end a session. This ‘Preferred’ intensity level is used to auto ramp-up the intensity to this level the next time you start a program.

d The app switches to the Dashboard screen where you can view your suggested Therapy Plan.

The device switches off after 10 minutes unless you revisit the Controller screen to start another program.

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