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Step 2: Charge Revitive


Revitive is powered from either the integrated rechargeable battery or by connecting it to
an electrical socket. Ensure Revitive is charged before first use.

You can use an electrical socket at any time but this is essential when Revitive’s battery
power level is low. The battery recharges when Revitive is connected to an electrical
socket and a stimulation program is not running. The battery indicator icon will
constantly scroll during charging; when the battery is full, scrolling will stop.


The battery indicator on Revitive indicates the battery’s
charge level.

If you turn Revitive off and the low battery level indicator blinks for 10 seconds, the
battery requires recharging.

The app will also warn you if Revitive’s battery is low and needs charging.

Plug the small end of the power adaptor’s power cord
into the power adaptor port on the side of Revitive.

Plug the power adaptor into the nearest electrical socket. This
will start charging the battery. Note that charging does not
take place whilst a stimulation program is running.

A full charge will take approximately 4.5 hours.

Once fully charged, the full battery indicator will stay
illuminated until the power adaptor is unplugged
from the device or the electrical socket.

A full charge enables approximately 6 hours of use - 12x
30 minute sessions.


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