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I have successfully paired my phone with Revitive, but the app controller is not working. Revitive is not responding.



Possible Cause

Bluetooth is not enabled on your phone.


First, enter the Controller screen in the app and switch Revitive on.

Next, press and hold the power button on the Revitive so that the Bluetooth symbol is flashing and follow the pairing process described in Step 5 of the Getting Started section.



Possible Cause

Revitive’s battery is flat.


Connect Revitive to the supplied power adaptor and plug into an electrical socket.



Possible Cause

Revitive is not listed in the mobile paired devices list.


Enable Bluetooth on your phone and follow the pairing instructions in Step 5 of the Getting Started section if not already paired.



Possible Cause

The phone is connected to a different Revitive instead of the target Revitive. In this case, the app is responsive but the target Revitive is not.


Check that the phone’s Bluetooth is enabled. If so, follow the Bluetooth pairing procedure described Step 5 of the Getting Started section.

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