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Step 5: Connect the app with your Revitive


Connecting the app to your Revitive means you will be able to use your phone as a controller and you will be able to track your therapy.

a Check that Bluetooth on your phone is switched on. If you are unsure, go to Settings on your phone and look for Bluetooth, check that it is enabled.

Note that Android devices may ask whether the Revitive app can use Location Services. Please accept this as it required for the Bluetooth connectivity to work as expected.

b As directed by the wizard, press and hold the POWER button on Revitive until you see the Bluetooth symbol flashing on Revitive’s control panel. This indicates that Revitive is in Bluetooth pairing mode and is ready to connect to your mobile phone.

Tap the PAIR button displayed on your phone
to connect to your Revitive.

c After a short time, the app will find your Revitive and connect. When the connection is made, the Bluetooth symbol on Revitive will stop flashing and remain illuminated.

The app will switch to display the Dashboard screen.

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