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Step 6: Set up your therapy


a On the MyTherapy Setup screen, select the key symptom that you would like Revitive to relieve.

It is important that you enter this information correctly as your suggested Therapy Plan will primarily be based on it.


On the Life Impact screen, thinking about the last few days, rate how much the symptom has impacted your daily life using the slider. Respond to any other questions.


b Select any other symptoms that you are experiencing and then tap NEXT.

c On the Therapy Goal screen, set your own personal goal. Type in your own words what you hope to achieve as a result of completing the therapy and then tap NEXT.

d The Congratulations screen summarizes your suggested therapy.

Tap DONE. You will be taken to the Diagnosed Conditions screen.

Note that you can view this therapy later from the menu on the Dashboard screen. 

e On the Diagnosed Conditions screen, select which of these conditions you have been diagnosed with by a medical professional.

This section is for information only. By completing it you are contributing anonymously to help improve scientific research and product development.

Tick any that apply and then tap NEXT.

You will be taken to the Dashboard screen.

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