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When applying stimulation:

• Be careful when applying stimulation over areas of skin that lack normal sensation.
It may cause skin irritation due to the inability to feel stimulation until the intensity
is too high. Use a low intensity to achieve a gentle muscle contraction, and/or
use for a shorter time, to avoid over-stimulation. Check for signs of skin irritation
(redness), bruising or pain. If in doubt consult your doctor

When using EMS:
• Be careful when applying stimulation:
• Over the abdomen during menstruation
• After recent surgical procedures (within the past 6 months) as stimulation may
disrupt your healing process
• If your tissues are likely to bleed following an injury such as a muscle tear - it is
recommended not to stimulate the immediate area within the first 12 hours
after sustaining the injury. Use a low intensity and/or shorter time to avoid
• After a long period of immobility or inactivity – use a low intensity and shorter
time to avoid over-stimulation or muscle fatigue

When using TENS:
• It is possible Revitive may reduce the sensation of pain that would normally act
as a warning of an underlying problem
• If your pain does not improve, gets worse or continues for more than 5 days, stop
using Revitive and seek advice from your doctor
• TENS is not effective in treating the original source or cause of pain

Additional Cautions:
• This product is not intended for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their
• The long term effects of electrical stimulation are unknown
• Electrical stimulation may not work for every user, please seek advice from
your doctor

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