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Safety Precautions


• Do not stand on the machine. Use only when seated
• Do not position Revitive so that it is difficult to disconnect or turn off
• Use Revitive only for its intended purpose
• Do not expose Revitive to extreme heat
• Do not spill liquid on Revitive or its accessories
• Do not overload the electrical socket
• Keep device out of the reach of children
• Keep power cords and cables out of the reach of children to prevent risk of
• Revitive foot-pads may be used by multiple persons. Ensure device is cleaned after
each use
• During use, do not touch foot-pads with your hands until the paused feature is
enabled or device has powered off
• Use Revitive only with the accessories supplied by, or purchased from, the
• Check electrode pads, cords and cables periodically for damage
• Do not open Revitive or repair it yourself. This will invalidate your warranty and
may cause serious harm
• In the unlikely event your Revitive malfunctions, disconnect it from the power
source and contact your nearest authorised agent
• Revitive has passed the required tests for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI); it
may still be affected by excessive emissions and/or may interfere with more
sensitive equipment
• After any exposure to hot or cold temperatures outside the specified operating
range of 10 – 40°C allow the product to re-adjust to the recommended operating
temperatures to ensure continued product performance

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